Level 2 units balancing in BFW 1.15

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Level 2 units balancing in BFW 1.15

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Its nice that they are trying to balance lv 2 units in this new release of the game, but I think theu should kinda follow some basic rules, for example I saw that they dropped the Trapper recruit cost from 27 to 21.
Ok he is not the best lv 2 unit, but also not so bad to cost less than some lv 1 units, plus the fact of an awesome lv 3 unit paired with relatively low xp requirements, don't justify a so harsh recruitment cost, 25 gp would have been much more apropriate, he would be relatively cheap but still more expensive than the Horseman or the Griffin Rider,.
In this way its easier for some ppl to reconize if they are about to recruit a lv 1 unit or a lv 2 one.
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