Short Campaign: Battle Against Time (1.14)

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Re: Short Campaign: Battle Against Time (1.12)

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I've just completed the campaign and it was way too easy. I know, I know, I could choose another difficulty than easy, but in the description it was stated that it's an expert level campaign, so I thought that even on the easiest difficulty it would be hard. As for the gameplay, I've rushed through the first 3 scenarios with only one turn of recruiting and two turns in the third one. Scenario 1 was way too easy, scenarios 2 and 3 were quite interesting when I had so little soldiers, but in the last one I ended up with 35 turns and over 500 gold... I dind't have any veterans because of my constant rush I collected little to no exp, but it wasn't a problem since I literally flooded everything in the last scenario with so much units...
That was the hell of a firefight. And the ammunition depleted so fast... I'm pinned down by those damned machine guns and don't know what to do next.
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