Campaign: Saving Elensefar

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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by marat »

Russian translation of campaign for BfW 1.13
.MO+.PO for BfW 1.13 (30.07.2015)
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by Pags »

In the othello (swamplands) game, I have all the enemy's pieces (31:0), thus no one can move. No winner is declared, regardless of if I move the character or just immediately hit "end turn". I tried to add chips to the board one at a time, but obviously all moves would be invalid. Nor does the game end if the turns are advanced beyond 32 "moves" each.
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by singalen »

This campaign is present on 1.13 server, but is not 1.13 compatible.
Is there anyone who supports it now?
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by James_The_Invisible »

The add-ons server says that it is maintained by trewe (it is written in author field). His last post is from 2015 but you can try to PM him.
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by Salex »

Their are also ERA's that break Era's example Era of Chaos breaks Era of Myths.

I download era of myth and play it, I download era of chaos then I can't the add-on dissapeers from the multiplayer screen
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Campaign: Saving Elensefar (upkeep not right)

Post by zx_specy_gamer »

Hi. I wanted to ask if anyone else is getting a problem with the upkeep costs that make it impossible to finish the campaign without "cheating" by amending the gold.

As an example, I just finished the "fire island" scenario with the 7 starting units and no recalls. When the battle ended it said I had ran out of money (I had 274 gold at the time). So I edited the save file and gave myself 10000 gold. loaded it back up finished the scenario and it said that my upkeep was "745 for 0 soldiers".

I am sure that the cost for the battles can't be calculating and are probably cumulative somehow. Its been costing me 100 gold to land on a "village" and I have reduced each hero's recall list to 3 units. I've only been recalling 2-3 units per hero on each map.

The recall list also shows units I can't recruit, like a load of ghouls and soulless.

It's a bit annoying because the campaign is really good.

I am playing on 1.12.6.
I've attached the unedited save in case anyone is interested.
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by ImperatorS79 »

I also noticed that the scenario when you play a game with a necromancer does not work: your unit spawn next to you instead of on the board !

It could also be nice if someone with some art skills could draw some ships for this campaign, like in Secret of the Ancient ;-).

EDIT: The scenario on the Alduin Island is also full of bugs, and the french translation isterrible.
EDIT 2: Indeed The alduin scenario runs fine, despite a lua error in modify_side.lua=45: bad argument #3 to '__newindex'
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by ImperatorS79 »

I got a problem in the abilities.cfg file when trying to update the french translations. The error is:

error: Saving_Elensefar\utils\abilities.cfg:29: unexpected closing tag '[/abilities]' outside any scope.

which can be seen in this file -> ... lities.cfg

Could anyone that know WML give me an advice ? ^^
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by octalot »

Add a few lines to abilities.cfg, with wmlxgettext comments. The lines to add are the ones that start with a +.

Code: Select all

 # wmllint: unbalanced-on
+# wmlxgettext: [abilities]

Code: Select all

+# wmlxgettext: [/abilities]
+# wmllint: unbalanced-off
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by ImperatorS79 »

Thanks; it worked just fine !
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Re: Campaign: Saving Elensefar

Post by egallager »

So, I am attempting to port this campaign to 1.14; my work-in-progress may be found here:
Unfortunately, the nonlinear structure of the campaign and the fact that it has a multiplayer mode are going to make it hard for me to test on my own, so if anyone wants to help me test it, please let me know.
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