How to report a bug

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How to report a bug

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Always include at least the following:
1. The name and version of your Operating System (OS).
2. The version number of Wesnoth you are trying to run
3. How to reproduce the problem step by step. If the problem can't be reproduced it will severly limit the chance we will able to identify and fix the problem.

Furthermore we need the actual error which occured to be able to do anything about it:

On MS Windows locate the file 'stderr.txt'. If you have installed Wesnoth in the default location that will (for the english version of Windows) be

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C:\Program Files\Wesnoth\stderr.txt
Search for the file if you can't find it.

On Linux, Mac OSX (self-compiled from the terminal), and other Unix systems you will get the error sent to standard out by default. The easiest way to get the output is therefore to start Wesnoth in a terminal* and you will get the needed output there.

On Mac OS X (official app) error output is sent to the Console program (found in /Applications/Utilities)

For more thorough information which also include information on using our bug tracker see:

* Also often refered to as 'Console'. Under Gnome you find the default terminal application under Gnome Main Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal. Under KDE you find the default terminal application under K -> System -> Terminal program (Konsole). After launching the terminal type in 'wesnoth' and press enter to start Wesnoth.
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