After the Storm, Episode III: Final, S11 - Dark Depths

Post replays of User Made Content scenarios and campaigns here. If the scenario was played on the official multiplayer server, please link to the replay available here.

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After the Storm, Episode III: Final, S11 - Dark Depths

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All Scenarios of AtS

All Scenarios of AtS-3

Scenario 10 - Destiny - Part 2

Scenario 12 - Blood

(1) Wesnoth version:
(for example, 1.14.6)

(2) Version of AtS:
(for example, 1.2.5; as shown in the add-on manager unless you updated the campaign since playing this scenario; if you are unsure, write older than current version)

(3) Difficulty:
(for example, Horseman (Beginner); shown by the Load dialog in-game)

(4) Modifications used:
(for example, Healer XP Mod or none; only Mods impacting gameplay are meant)

(5) How many times did you restart the scenario from the beginning:
(for example 5 or I don't remember is also valid)

(6) How many times did you load to the start of the current turn or to an earlier turn during the scenario:
(the examples above work here as well)

(7) Comments about the scenario or replay, but that's very optional.
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